Das unsichtbare Quadrat (The Ivisible Quadrangle)

Above: see a walkthrough through the exhibition (6 min 22 sec). It consisted of 5 works, one of them being the one descibed here. Watch out for the lasers and the voice. You may skip to 4:25 to see more specific pictures.

In this poetic work, I set up a hardly visible laser quadrangle of exactly 6 by 6 meters in a project room/gallery space. The beam was 15 centimeters above ground and crossed 3 rooms. In one of them, a computer registered every interruption of that quadrangle. I sat in front of the computer trying to comment on each interruption. The sound of my voice could be heard throughout the space. The installation was active on 8 days, 6 hours each, counting a total of 18.764 interruptions (some caused by a dog). Sometimes, the computer commented by itself (artificial voice), or guests and colleagues did.

Teil der Ausstellung Erzgebirgisches Laseratomkraftwerk mit Pigmentfenster, Spinner und Weber, Berlin, 2015

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