Voidscript therepeutical one-on-one performance, Berlin, 2020

		A Shared Void participatory installation and conversation, Berlin, 2020

		Unboxing Mozart collaborative music exploration. Berlin, Frankfurt a.M., 2019

		Amalgama Performance collaboration, performance, live directing, live stream. 2018

		Yes/No-Object interactive object. 2016 FILTER VI-AMALGAMA, Berlin. 2016  WISP Festival, Leipzig. 2018  AfriCHI, Windhoek 

		Say: Instructions Performance interactive participative performance. about: frustrations in human-computer relationships. 2016

		From Cloud To Fog – Sonification of Digital Traces. interactive participative performance. with: Eliza Goldox, Jasmine Guffond. at: Spektrum Berlin and Villa Elisabeth, Berlin. 2016 and 2017

		Say: Instructions Interactive experience, Anywhere and at Flee Immediately, Issue 02, 2016
		Das unsichtbare Quadrat Interactive Installation, Berlin, 2015
		Input/Output Interactive Installation, Berlin, 2015		

		Samarra videoplayer with sensors. For: Pergamon Museum / Islamische Sammlung, Berlin, 2013

		the eye of a monster For: "ruhrzilla - stadtspiel in realversion" with invisible playground. 2012 

		look: i see interactive installation. cameras, projections and a microphone. At Laidak 2012
		bILd hangable object, sold at a christmas auction. 2012

		DISKO youtube videos & HTML. running time: ∞. 2011

		Thekenlaser a laser scanner that makes pixels out of objects on a bar. 2010. more

		Laserscanner a laser that makes sounds from objects. 2010.

		Hommage à issuu with images. 2009 & 2013

		Mysteries of space / KOSMOS performance (only video projection, actions described in the text). 2008

		Mysteries of space (out of the kitchen)  meditations on dirty kitchen supplies and aluminium. 2008		

		Videochatboxes, strangely wired: #1 sees and writes to #2, #2 sees and writes to #3, and #3 sees and writes to #1. fusion festival. 2008. 
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